Chair Simulator

Flying by the seat of your pants

Chair Simulator is a first person chair experience where turning a chair in real life turns your chair in the game. By turning to steer and leaning back in your chair to accelerate forward, you race across tops of skyscrapers to travel as far as you can for a high score!

Chair Simulator features the Seat Cushion Controller, the only input device needed to play the game. All of the hardware for detecting the movement of the chair is contained inside the cushion and sent to the game over USB. Inside the cushion, a Wii-Motion+ gyroscope and force are read by an Arduino microcontroller which calculates chair's position and sends this data to the game made in Unity3D.


I designed and programmed the Seat Cushion Controller, its communication with Unity3D, and its control in the game. My partner on the project created the procedural level generation, the soundtrack, and all 3D models. We completed this project in two weeks for the class Novel Interfaces for Interactive Environments at WPI.

On this sample office chair sits the Seat Cushion Controller used to play Chair Simulator.