My passion is in programming games and interactive experiences in virtual reality.

3DUI, traversal of virtual spaces, and multi-user interactions in VR are all areas of design that interest me, in addition to the front end and back end implementation of these experiences. I am currently seeking a full time position as a software engineer in a field seeking to take advantage of VR.

This May I will graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Interactive Media and Game Design. My current project is the VR game Intern Astronaut made in Unity with C# for the Android GearVR headset. My team and I are pursuing a release on the Oculus GearVR store in the coming months. In my past experience I have worked in a VR research lab at Osaka University in Japan, and worked with Myomo in Cambridge, MA on games to train users of their powered orthotic device, and collaborated with the creator of Soda Drinker Pro on making a special port of the game. Across these and other experiences I have led teams of artists and programmers, worked independently with a combination of requirements from management and self written requirements, and conducted user testing at public events and in coordination with private institutions like Spaulding Rehab Center in Boston.

Outside of work and school, I am a bit of a film buff, I like to go going hiking with my dog and listen to podcasts, and I love to travel. After graduation I plan on studying more Japanese so that I may be able to work overseas there someday.


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myRock is a demo I created in Unity that uses Myomo's myoelectric sensors. These sensors allow you to use the strength of your real muscles to lift and throw a giant virtual rock with the feeling real world weight and inertia. This is my first attempt at virtual earthbending. 

Bounce is a simple game that does a lot. It is played with the MyoPro, a powered orthotic device made by Myomo and used by patients with impaired arm movement to regain control of their arm. I created the game as a simple implementation of the tools I made to use the MyoPro with the Unity game engine. To create these tools, I took Myomo's existing code base for serial communication with the Myopro, and worked in c++ and c# to create an easy to use Unity plugin that allows any experienced Unity developer to use the Myopro as a game controller.

Chair Simulator is a first person chair experience where turning a chair in real life turns your chair in the game. By turning to steer and leaning back in your chair to accelerate forward, you race across tops of skyscrapers to travel as far as you can for a high score!


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